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Talk with Jonas Samuelson, CEO, Electrolux AB

  • 15 February 2022 16:00 - 17:00

  • Online (Zoom)


Electrolux​, one of Sweden's flagship multinational companies, is at the forefront of the appliances industry, employing some 48,000 people globally and with operations throughout the APAC region. During the past decade, the empowered consumer, her needs and demands, have transformed the appliance industry. These demands require manufacturing with increased pace and flexibility, which have, in combination with an ever-changing business environment, provided unprecedented industry challenges - for Electrolux included.


We are very proud to announce that we will have Jonas Samuelson​, Electrolux Group CEO, as our guest at the launch of our new SwedCham APAC CEO Series. During the hour with Mr. Samuelson, we will hear how he approaches the global challenges the world is facing today, and how Electrolux is committed to leading the way towards a more sustainable business model for its industry. Mr. Samuelson will give us an insight into how Electrolux company strategy has evolved over the past decade and what his top priorities are going forward. We will also find out his views on APAC - how he thinks this region will develop over the coming decade and how Electrolux will leverage its current presence in Asian markets to accelerate growth and prosperity.


The conversation with Mr. Samuelson will be led by Ms. Reema Bhattacharya​, Senior Political and Regulatory Risk Analyst APAC at Control Risks​.



4:00-4:05 pm JST: Welcome by Lisa Ferraton​, General Manager, SwedCham Singapore
4:05-4:25 pm JST: Presentation by​​​ Mr. Jonas Samuelson​, Group CEO, Electrolux AB
4:25-5:00 pm JST: Conversation between Mr. Jonas Samuelson​, Electrolux ​Group CEO and Ms. Reema Bhattacharya​, Senior Political and Regulatory Risk Analyst APAC at Control Risks​.


*Exclusively for SCCJ Members.




Electrolux has for more than 100 years reinvented taste, care and wellbeing experiences for millions of people around the world. The company has invented and made many well-known products available and affordable to consumers, such as the cooker, the washing machine and the freezer, helping people to shape a better living. Founded on the idea of making vacuum cleaners more efficient and easier to use, Electrolux is today selling around 60 million household products a year in more than 120 markets. These products and services are known under brands such as Electrolux, AEG, Frigidaire and Westinghouse.





Mr. Jonas Samuelson
President and CEO of Electrolux AB

Mr. Jonas Samuelson is the President and CEO of  Electrolux AB (since 2016) and has been with Electrolux since 2008 where he has held various senior positions, including CFO of Electrolux AB, COO Global Operations Major Appliances and Head of Major Appliances EMEA.

Mr. Samuelson has been the Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President of Munters AB. Furthermore, he has held various senior positions within General Motors, mainly in the U.S. and with Saab Automobile AB.

He has an M.Sc. in Business Administration and Economics.

Other assignments: Board Member of Axel Johnson AB and Volvo Car AB.





Ms. Reema Bhattacharya
Senior Analyst at Control Risks

Ms. Reema Bhattacharya is a Senior Analyst in Control Risks' Singapore office. She plays a key role in expanding the firm's services in the Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) risk space and works alongside clients to strengthen their in-house ESG processes.

Ms. Bhattacharya has significant experience in macro and sector-specific political risk assessments, public policy advisory, stakeholder mapping and engagement. She also advises clients on critical political, regulatory risks that may affect their operations and exposure to regulatory enforcement in Asia.

She is a spokesperson for Control Risks in the Asia Pacific, speaking regularly at events and in the media and frequently writing on ESG, business and broader political-economic trends in APAC. She has advanced degrees in politics, media and business law.



*This event is co-organized by Swedish Chambers in the APAC region





この度、SCCJを含むAPAC地域のスウェーデン商工会議所が立ち上げたセミナーシリーズ「SwedCham APAC CEO Series」の記念すべき第一回ゲストとして、エレクトロラックス・グループCEOのヨナス・サミュエルソンをお迎えし、講演会を開催する運びとなりました。サミュエルソン氏との1時間では、今日世界が直面しているグローバルな課題にどのように取り組んでいるのか、またエレクトロラックスが業界にとってより持続可能なビジネスモデルへの道をどのように切り開いていくのか、お話を伺います。





16:00-16:05 : リサ・フェラトン(在シンガポールスウェーデン商工会議所専務理事)によるあいさつ
16:05-16:25 : エレクトロラックスAB グループCEO ヨナス・サミュエルソン氏によるプレゼンテーション
16:25-17:00 : エレクトロラックスグループCEO ヨナス・サミュエルソン氏とコントロール・リスクス社シニア・ポリティカル&レギュラトリー・リスク・アナリスト APAC リーマ・バタチャリヤ氏による対談










エレクトロラックスAB 社長兼CEO

ヨナス・サミュエルソン氏は2016年よりエレクトロラックスABの社長兼CEOを務めています。2008年から同社に勤務し、エレクトロラックスABのCFO、COO Global Operations Major Appliances、Head of Major Appliances EMEAなど、さまざまな上級職を歴任しています。

サミュエルソン氏は、Munters ABの最高財務責任者兼上級副社長を歴任しています。また、ゼネラルモーターズ(主に米国)およびサーブオートモービル(Saab Automobile AB)でさまざまな上級職を歴任しました。 サミュエルソン氏経営学および経済学の修士号を取得しています。





コントロール・リスクス シニアアナリスト






  • Tuesday February 15th, 16:00 - 17:00

  • Online (Zoom)

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  • Free of Charge

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