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The Nordic business community brought together members from the Nordic chambers, including the DCCJ, FCCJ, ISCCJ, NCCJ, and SCCJ, under one roof to enjoy an array of craft beers and delights on May 21th at Omnipollos Tokyo. 


Attendees had the opportunity to taste ten different Nordic craft beers on tap. Each beer showcased the unique flavors and brewing techniques of the Nordic countries, offering a refreshing and innovative experience that expanded the attendees' appreciation for craft beer.


The evening wasn't just about beer; it was a chance for the Nordic business community in Tokyo to connect before the summer vacation. The participants got to mingle, exchanged konversations, and strengthen the networks in a relaxed and enjoyable setting.


Complementing the exceptional beer was the delicious food provided by Tesio’s specialty deli products from Okinawa. 7