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Member Introduction: Edith Grove - A purveyor of Audio-Visual Equipment & Services
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Member Introduction: Edith Grove - A purveyor of Audio-Visual Equipment & Services

05 April 2019 | Written by administrator



When a company is pitching its newest product or service, carefully choreographing the audio and visual effects can greatly sharpen its competitive edge. 

Edith Grove, a purveyor of audio-visual equipment and services, has helped companies articulate their sound and vision for almost 30 years.

SCCJ visited Edith Grove's head office in Koto-ku, Tokyo to learn more about the company and its business domains.


Edith Grove was established in 1992 by its founder and president Mr. Kei Kobayashi. Born in Tokyo in 1963, Mr. Kobayashi worked in the music industry for several years before starting Edith Grove with his close friends.

According to Mr. Kobayashi, the company's namesake is a famous street in the affluent Chelsea area of London. The Street - Edith Grove - was where the Rolling Stones' Mick Jagger and Keith Richards once resided.


"We called it Edith Grove because we wanted to be just like the Rolling Stones - the No.1 player in the industry with a decades long success story stated Mr. Kobayashi."


The company started out as a purveyor of audio equipment and services.

Today, their clients range from groups performing live music concerts to companies that require state-of-the-art sound systems. "We always strive to do more than just simply providing and setting up the equipment. We provide not only 'hard' skills but also 'soft' skills. We interact with our clients a lot to help them effectively articulate the 'experience' they want to create. This is to ensure that our clients have a good 'bond' with their audience and clients. As far as I know, we are the only company in the industry that provides this kind of full-range service" explained Mr. Kobayashi.

Perhaps this is why world-class musicians such as Ryoji Ikeda and Masakatsu Takagi continue to choose Edith Grove as one of their entourages.


This strong work ethic is what may have led them to successfully set-up its visual equipment and services business domain.

"We started providing visual equipment and services to our clients from about 13 years ago. Today, we deal with different kinds of seminars, conferences, and exhibitions. We have done large-scale events for the entertainment, fashion, and manufacturing industries. For example, helping foreign manufacturers promote their products at Tokyo Big Site. We have the know-how to provide project mapping, too. I think the demand for project mapping is increasing every year" explained Mr. Kobayashi.


According to Mr. Kobayashi, branching out its business domain into visual equipment and services was not a top down decision. In fact, it was an initiative that came from the bottom up.


Mr. Kobayashi exhorted that Edith Grove not only strives to maximize its employees' level of job satisfaction at a "materialistic" level, but also at a "mindfulness" or "self-actualization" level. "This is in accordance with our company's founding principles. If an employee wants to try something new, we can provide the necessary support" added Mr. Kobayashi. 

Overseas Sales manager Linnéa Wahlund is currently the only non-Japanese person working at Edith Grove. A native of Stockholm, Ms Wahlund joined the company in 2017. "I originally came to Japan to study Japanese. I did that for a few years. At the time, a Swedish friend of mine worked here at Edith Grove. But two years ago, she had to go back to Sweden. So I decided to take over her role" explained Ms. Wahlund.

As the only person proficient in English, Ms. Wahlund is usually the go-to person for Edith Grove's foreign clients.

"That doesn't mean my role here is limited. I get to deal with many different things. I think it's a nice challenge. It's a great way to learn the business and gain more experience. We have 30 people working at this office right now. It's the same for everyone else, too. We get to experience everything" added Ms. Wahlund.


One of the key reasons why Edith Grove became a SCCJ member was to better understand the Swedish way of work.

"We would like to learn more about the Swedish approach to work. Edith Grove values employee satisfaction. We place a lot of emphasis on promoting our employees' happiness. I think there are many things from the Swedish workstyle and Swedish culture that we can learn and incorporate here at Edith Grove" explained Mr. Kobayashi. 


Ms. Wahlund said she has already talked about the importance of fika with her coworkers.

As a famous line from a hit Rolling Stones song goes, "If you start it up" their learning experience may "never stop".


We would like to extend a warm welcome to Edith Grove as a new member of SCCJ. You can find more about Edith Grove here.