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Member Introduction Sanko Estate: A Lodestar in Japan’s Office Leasing Market
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Member Introduction Sanko Estate: A Lodestar in Japan’s Office Leasing Market

14 January 2020 | Written by administrator


As the world’s third-largest economy, Japan has some of the most dynamic commercial real estate markets globally. Of these, the Tokyo office market is a colossus in its own right—with its forever changing skyline, the city boasts some of the world’s most well-constructed office buildings. Searching for your business or organization’s office space in this sprawling steel jungle can easily turn onerous. But rest assured: Sanko Estate Co., Ltd, with its more than four decades of brokerage experience, will navigate you through the nebulous as your trusted lodestar. SCCJ visited Managing Director Michitoshi Shibata at the company’s headquarters office in Ginza, to learn more about their business and the future prospect of the Tokyo office market.

Sanko Estate was founded in 1977. It is one of the leading real estate brokerage companies in Japan. Their business domain includes office leasing, relocation project management, consulting, and market research. They have a total of 10 offices across Japan with a solid market presence in all major cities from Sapporo to Fukuoka.


“We are one of the nation’s top three rental office brokers. We do business with all of Japan’s major corporations. During my 20 years at Sanko Estate, and as a managing director of the office leasing division, I have supported the likes of PwC, Fujifilm, and MITSUI & CO. realize their office strategy” commented Mr. Shibata.


In order to maximize their core competencies, the company takes a “specialist staff to one client” system when providing their services. This means one Sanko Estate realtor is responsible for one company’s entire office space management and office strategy.


“Each realtor has more than 100 companies as their clients. Through experiences with many clients, we have constructed a better-managed, well-structured, and long-term support structure for our clients. Many people working at general corporations who oversee an office expansion or office relocation plan tend not to be real estate experts. Hence we believe this system is the best way for us to develop a trusting and lasting relationship with our clients” explained Mr. Shibata.


Mr. Shibata indicated that SCCJ member companies contact the International Department of Sanko Estate (Email: / Tel: 03-3564-8051 ), should they need support in planning or executing their office strategy going forward.


In recent years, the government’s workstyle reform (hataraki-kata-kaikaku) policy has been a key buzzword in Japan’s office real estate market. Due to this changing trend, Sanko Estate is talking more about not only the quantitative aspect of an office building but also its qualitative aspect. Mr. Shibata summed up the challenges involving workstyle reform in the following words:

“Traditionally, our clients were only interested in an office building’s quantitative aspect. For example, the rental level and office size. Now that the government is pushing for workstyle reform, the qualitative aspect is becoming more important. For example, how an office building can improve worker productivity. But this is only catching on slowly at large Japanese corporations.


Some of our clients are unable to understand how the quality of an office building translates into increased productivity. […] Developers need to change their mindsets, too. Traditionally, if a developer constructed a large-scale office building in a good location, it was relatively easy to find a tenant. In the future, these buildings need to have something more to stay competitive”.


Another challenge the Tokyo office real estate market faces is its short supply of excellent and large-scale buildings. Even the notable office building development projects scheduled for completion within the next two to three years have tenants already. “It would be difficult to find a floor area of 1,000 tsubo (approximately 3,308 sqm) or more in Tokyo right now. That’s why over the next few years, for a company to find a large office space in central Tokyo, crafting a well-structured office strategy is extremely important” explained Mr. Shibata.


In addition to the government-backed workstyle reform, the lack of large-scale office building supply has made the number of satellite offices and telecommuters (Tele-Work) increase, too. Mr. Shibata believes that this move away from the traditional center of gravity will continue to reshape the dynamics within Tokyo and other real estate markets. “Today, the most important thing is productivity. The days when every worker had to commute to central locations are now over. Of course, depending on the business model, some companies will still need to have the bulk of their employees commute to central locations. For example, established Japanese companies that provide a lot of in-house training. But in general, the number of conventional offices is certainly on the decline” commented Mr. Shibata. Although relatively unknown among SCCJ member organizations, Sanko Estate, with its proven track record and sound integrity, will safely support you through your next-door of opportunity as a trusted lodestar.


We would like to extend a warm welcome to Sanko Estate Co., Ltd. as a gold member of SCCJ. You can find out more about them at:






「我々は国内でトップ3に入る賃貸オフィスの仲介業者です。日本を代表する会社の多くとビジネスを行ってきました。私自身も弊社に入社して以来20年間、そして賃貸オフィス事業部の責任者として、PwC, 富士フィルム、三井物産といった数々の会社のオフィス計画に携わってきました。」と柴田氏はいう。






柴田氏は、SCCJの会員企業が今後オフィスのご移転・縮小や拡張・レイアウト変更等に関わることでサポートが必要な場合は、会社の国際営業部 (メール 電話:03-3564-8051) に連絡をしてほしいと話す。