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SCCJ Covid-19  Vaccination Program Report
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SCCJ Covid-19 Vaccination Program Report

31 August 2021 | Written by administrator

On June 1 the Japanese government announced that companies, universities and Chambers of Commerce could start vaccination programs for employees and students by June 21, 2021 using the Moderna vaccine. 

SCCJ offered all corporate members to join this program with the first shot taking place in Osaka on June 30. A total of 800 members from some 40 companies participated in the vaccination program with the first and second shot given on several dates between June 30 and and August 12. The vaccination centers were operated by TKP in collaboration with Sakurajyuji Group in Osaka, Ichigaya (Tokyo) and Ikebukuro (Tokyo).

SCCJ Secretariat would like to thank all member companies for helping out to coordinate this effort. We are also very pleased with the high participation rate - no vaccine had to be wasted thanks to participants showing up as promised.