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Event Report : Scandinavia Connect: SAS Update and Networking Event
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Event Report : Scandinavia Connect: SAS Update and Networking Event

09 June 2023 | Written by erica


On June 1st, 2023, the first Scandinavia Connect event was organized by the Norwegian Chamber of Commerce in Japan (NCCJ), the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Japan (SCCJ), and the Danish Chamber of Commerce in Japan (DCCJ) about the future of SAS Scandinavian Airlines.

The event was kindly hosted at the Danish Embassy at the Ambassador’s Residence where the Regional General Manager of Asia & Pacific at SAS, Mr. Anders Wahlström, was invited to speak. The participants had the opportunity to mingle before being welcomed to the event by the Danish Ambassador, Mr. Peter Taksøe-Jensen. Subsequently, an introduction and welcome to the guest speaker were made by Swedish Ambassador, Mr. Pereric Högberg, and Counsellor at the Norwegian Embassy, Mr. Otto Malmgren.

As Mr. Anders Wahlström commenced his presentation, he emphasized a significant moment taking place in parallel with the event: People were boarding the first SAS flight in Copenhagen headed for Tokyo since the beginning of the pandemic. Mr. Anders Wahlström focused on both the challenges SAS has faced in the Asian market post-pandemic, as well as the airline’s accomplishments in terms of sustainability and their continued goals of reducing emissions in the future.

Overall, Mr. Wahlström was optimistic about the future of SAS and its prospects for reestablishing its strong presence in the Asian market. The presentation was followed by a brief Q&A where participants were given the opportunity to ask Mr. Wahlström questions related to the company and the resumption of the SAS route between Copenhagen and Tokyo.

After the presentation, participants could enjoy some Scandinavian finger food and drinks while networking, before the lucky winners of the gift boxes and vouchers to the SAS lounge were drawn. By and large the event was a great opportunity to celebrate the resumption of the SAS route and to learn more about the prospects of the airline.