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Event Report : Sweden National Day 2023
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Event Report : Sweden National Day 2023

13 June 2023 | Written by erica

SCCJ members, business partners, families and friends as well as the Swedish-Japanese community in Japan were invited to celebrate the Sweden National Day 2023 at two events jointly organized by SCCJ and Embassy of Sweden supported by 22 generous sponsor companies.

It was our honour to welcome approximately 850 guests at the public celebration on June 4th at the Embassy of Sweden.

Thank you Embassy of Sweden for co-hosting this event with us. SCCJ would like to thank all food & beverage suppliers who served guests throughout the day.  Our appreciation also goes to companies providing fun activities for all children attending.   



スウェーデン大使館の皆様、本イベントを共催していただきありがとうございました。SCCJは、一日を通してお客様にサービスを提供された飲食業者の皆様に感謝いたします。 また、参加した子供たちにたくさんの楽しみを提供してくださった企業様にも感謝いたします。


Sponsor Companies / スポンサー企業


photo credit : Hiromi Johansson/Embassy of Sweden Tokyo