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Event Report : Driving Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion in Management
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Event Report : Driving Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion in Management

14 June 2023 | Written by erica


The Swedish Chamber of Commerce organised an event on DEI in management, together with the Danish Chamber of Commerce in Japan,  Global Perspectives, and MAERSK on May 11th, 2023.

The event identified barriers blocking the advancement of women in the Japanese managerial sphere. The goal was to understand the elements stifling female leaders.

The event was split into three parts; "Fireside Chat," Group discussion, and networking opportunity. 


Fireside Chat

Representatives from MAERSKH&MNovonordisk and OLYMPUS. A fireside chat-style panel discussion explored personal success stories and key success factors for diverse managers and how specific companies work to support DEI and women in management (panel discussion).


Noriko Okazaki, Director, East Japan Block, Diabetes Business Unit, Novo Nordisk
Tomomi Katayama, Head, Global Supply Chain Management, Centre of Excellence, Olympus
Shigefumi Yamaura, CSR / Sustainability Coordinator, H&M
Siweon Carrie Park (moderator), Director of Customer Experience for Northeast Asia, Maersk

The workshop was designed and facilitated by Tove Kinooka from Global Perspectives, with support from Yumeko Kato at Maersk, Martin Koos at SCCJ, Josefine Lund Præstekjær at DCCJ, and Global Perspectives’ Gavin Dixon and Marc Prosser.

Group Discussion

During the panel discussion, Global Perspectives’ experts, panelists, and event participants from a broad range of industries and backgrounds collaborated on identifying areas or factors that can encourage the prevalence and success of female managers.

The second half of the event explored the nature of each of those factors, the drivers behind it, how it can be put into action.

The six areas identified were:

1. Trust
2. Communication
3. Spotting and supporting potential
4. Cultural factors
5. Coaching and mentoring
6. Clear expectations and boundaries

Each factor was explored in group conversations, with groups working on ways and structures to support it throughout organisations. 


Networking / Special Guest

The workshop was followed by a networking session with light refreshments and drinks. Many participants were seen engaging in deep conversations and sharing their experiences and stories about their struggles, challenges, and hopes for the future of DE&I in Japan.

We were also honoured to welcome "Futaripapa" family, a Swedish x Japanese couple with a boy living in Sweden, sharing some loving moments of their lives.




Key Takeaways

The panel discussion and subsequent workshop highlighted a series of central themes and challenges. Apart from the six core factors, many related areas were mentioned as contributors to increasing the number of women in management specifically – and with DEI initiatives more broadly.

The two events have underlined that role models, success stories, access to peers further along the career path, and mentors/coaches are essential factors in encouraging more women to pursue management and succeed in their roles.


For initiatives to work, there needs to be a broad buy-in that extends across the company. It starts with senior leadership but must include all company levels making a concerted effort to promote and build an inclusive culture.

To make them a success, companies, leaders, managers, and individual team members can do well to recognise the cultural and organisational context they are surrounded by. Addressing conscious biases and exploring unconscious biases across organisational levels may help.

Simultaneously, broader acceptance and support are needed, including from partners, families, and society. For example, men taking more paternity leave and a more active role in childcare and housework can have a massive positive impact on their partners.

Visit Global Perspective's website to see the full report on the event


マネジメント層における ダイバーシティ、平等性、インクルージョンの実現を目指して

スウェーデン商工会議所は、2023年5月11日、在日デンマーク商工会議所Global PerspectivesMAERSKとともに、管理職におけるダイバーシティ・エクオリティ・インクルージョンに関するイベントを開催しました。







岡崎 紀子
ノボノルディスク 糖尿病ビジネスユニット 東日本ブロック ディレクター

片山 友美
OLYMPUS Center of Excellence グローバルサプライチェーンマネジメント部門長

山浦 誉史
H&M CSR/サステナビリティ・コーディネーター

MAERSK 北東アジア地区カスタマーエクスペリエンス担当ディレクター



パネルディスカッションでは、Global Perspectivesの専門家、パネリスト、そして幅広い業界や背景を持つイベント参加者が協力して、女性管理職の普及と活躍を促すことができる分野や要因を特定しました。


1. 信頼関係
2. コミュニケーション
3. 潜在能力を見抜き、サポートする
4. 文化的要因
5. コーチングとメンタリング
6. 明確な期待値と境界線



ネットワーキング / スペシャルゲスト












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