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RECAP - CLIC # 12 with TetraPak
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RECAP - CLIC # 12 with TetraPak

25 April 2024 | Written by administrator



The 12th CLIC - Creative Linking of International Chambers, event held in partnership with 12 other European Chambers of Commerce in Japan, was taking place the 24th of April 2024 in the showroom of Steelcase in Tokyo. 


The event featured an esteemed keynote speaker, Alejandro Cabal, President of Tetra Pak Japan & Korea. Cabal, whose career trajectory within Tetra Pak spans significant leadership roles across Europe, including Italy, Spain, and Portugal, brought his wealth of experience to the forefront. His journey culminated in his appointment as President and Representative Director for Japan and Korea in November 2021.

Cabal's presentation centered on the importance of environmental responsibility in business operations. Drawing from his expertise in packaging solutions, he highlighted Tetra Pak's commitment to sustainability and outlined strategies for reducing environmental impact throughout the supply chain.

Following Cabal's insightful address, attendees were encouraged to engage in sustainable conversations during the networking session. The event provided a platform for industry peers to connect, share ideas, and explore potential collaborations in pursuit of sustainable practices.


In alignment with the evening's focus on environmental consciousness, attendees were treated to a selection of vegan falafel, underscoring the commitment to sustainability in both discourse and action.


The event aimed to foster dialogue, exchange ideas, and promote sustainable business practices among globally renowned brands.



第12回CLIC - Creative Linking of International Chambersは、在日欧州12商工会議所とのパートナーシップにより、2024年4月24日に東京のStelelcaseで開催されました。




環境意識に焦点を当てたこの夜のイベントに合わせて、参加者にはビーガンファラフェルがふるまわれ、言論と行動の両面における持続可能性へのコミットメントが強調さ れました。