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SWEDEN HOUSE - 2022 Early Summer Fair
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SWEDEN HOUSE - 2022 Early Summer Fair

01 June 2022 | Written by administrator


SWEDEN HOUSE will hold the "2022 Early summer Fair ~Houses for Family Protection~" from June 4 at their show houses throughout Japan.


This is a great opportunity for you to check out our comfortable show houses!
During this period, we will be offering a free gift "Finlayson Cushion Sheet" to all visitors who make a reservation using the reservation form on our website in advance.


The "House to Protect Your Family Fair" are also being held until July 10. Please take this opportunity to visit us.

We are all looking forward to seeing you there!


[About SWEDEN HOUSE Co.,Ltd.]

Established in March 1984, SWEDEN HOUSE has been building houses that will be lived in for 100 years. . We deliver houses which can be lived in for generations. Our concept is "build strong houses that protect the family". At a local factory in Sweden, windows and wall panels are manufactured using carefully selected Swedish lumber that is around 80 years old. Our homes are highly insulated and airtight, and many owners have praised their high performance, which remains unchanged over the years.


全国各地のスウェーデンハウスでは、6月4日より「2022 Early summer フェア ~家族を守る家~」を開催します。





フェア期間中、ホームページの「モデルハウス来場予約フォーム」よりご予約のうえ、 ご来場いただいたお客様には「フィンレイソン クッションシート」をプレゼント。